The More You Dance, The More You Save!

2019-2020 Dance Season

  • 0.50 hours/week=$64/month

  • 0.75 hours/ week= $68/month

  • 1.00 hour/week=$74/month

  • 1.25 hours/week=$82/month

  • 1.50 hours/week=$92/month

  • 1.75 hours/week=$100/month

  • 2 hours/week= $110/month

  • 2.5 hours/week= $125/month

  • 3 hours/week= $135/month

  • 3.5 hours/week= $145/month

  • 4 hours/ week= $155/month

  • 4.5 hours/ week= $165/month

  • 5 hours/ week= $175/month

  • 6 hours/week= $195/month

The tuition listed above is for standard class pricing and does not include additional fees, such as Intensive Training Program, workshops, and parade participation. Any additional fees will be listed at the time of sign-up/participation.

Registrants will pay an annual $45 registration fee for one student and a $65 registration fee for multiple students in one family. 

We offer a sibling discount for tuition that is 10% off of the 2nd dancer (must be equal or less than tuition of first dancer) and 15% off for any additional sibling’s tuition (must be equal or less than tuition of the 2nd dancer).  If you are taking an uneven amount of hours not listed in the tuition chart above, please inquire about the exact rate.

The Recital Costume is an additional, required, non-refundable fee for all recital classes. Kinder Sparkler Students pay $90 {inclusive of sales tax} which includes a 2-in-1 costume for Ballet AND Tap. All other classes pay $70 per recital routine {inclusive of sales tax}. This fee is due October 1st.

We encourage registered families to regularly view their account information via the SDD Parent Portal

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