Kinder Sparkler Division(ages 4-5)

The Kinder Sparkler classes focus more on the traditional, formal structure of a dance class.  Students take a full class in ballet and tap.  The history of dance and terminology will be taught in a fun, age-appropriate, and easy to understand manner.  Students begin to explore their own creativity and will work on choreography.  Achievement goals are set in a positive and motivating environment.

Students participating in a Kinder Sparkler ONLY Ballet/Tap class will have a costume fee of $84.31 + sales tax. This costume serves a 2-in-1 function for the ballet and tap routines. Students taking a Twinkle Tots/Kinder Sparkler class perform only a ballet routine in recital. The Twinkle Tots/Kinder Sparkler (performs ballet only) and Hip-Hoppin’ Peeps classes will only have one costume fee.

For our Kinder Sparkler Students, we also offer a lively and upbeat hip-hop basics class, Hip-Hoppin' Peeps (performs one recital routine) and an acro dance basics class, Flip & Fly (non-recital). These are both great options to take in addition to the Kinder Sparkler Classes or on their own!


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